Hello and Welcome!

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Karen

I’m a wife to an amazingly supportive husband.

I’m a mother of a boy who has changed the world as I knew it and of the sweetest side-kick pup anyone could ask for.

I’m a mental health survivor who has lived with depression and anxiety for over 20 years.

I’m a university graduate who has a B.A. in psychology that has done little to help me in this wild world of parenting (spoiler alert: theories don’t help you parent)

Writing has provided me with the comfort and solace I’ve been looking for. It’s given me something that is mine.

I look forward to what the future brings and I try to keep my head up and laugh as much as I can along the way.

I’m a contributor for The Mighty and have written for Sunshine Spoils Milk, Mamapedia, and Sammiches & Psych Meds. I can be found on Twitter @AntsyButterfly and on Facebook

You may ask “why The Antsy Butterfly?” Well, I’m generally an antsy person and since finding my voice, I am morphing into something new.

This is me.